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Receiving care from an IBCLC ensures that the professional has the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide specialized lactation services. The “IBCLC” accreditation is the only globally recognized certification for breastfeeding professionals.

Other health professionals and stakeholders are obviously called upon to provide breastfeeding care and assistance to families. Nurses, doctors, midwives, breastfeeding peer-supporters, pharmacists, etc., provide valuable assistance. However, certain situations do require calling on more specialized support.

Vigilance may be needed in finding a qualified professional to help with breastfeeding. The titles "Certified Lactation Specialist", "Lactation Counselor", "Breastfeeding Peer Counselor", "Lactation Education Counselor" or other names are not standardized, and cannot guarantee the competence of a person. The advice or care offered by an untrained person may even be detrimental to the progress of breastfeeding. Using the services of an IBCLC guarantees that this caregiver meets the criteria of excellence in lactation care.

It is the IBLCE that acts as the professional order for IBCLCs around the world. To check if someone is IBLCE certified, visit

If you believe that an IBCLC does not meet the standards of practice or respect the code of ethics of the  profession, a complaint can be filed with the IBLCE, which will lead to an investigation -procedures /